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Schola-related Spring, Summer, and Autumn Events 2007

For further information about any event, contact the person indicated or contact Schola

1)  February 8-9 -- Paradise Valley Christian Preparatory's 1st Annual Excellence in Education Symposium "A Complete Christian Education:  Why it Includes Latin" with special guest speaker Wesley J. Callihan." Contact PVCP for more information.

2) May 11 -- Schola Bonfire for local students and alumni at the Callihan's home. 7:30 PM

3) May 18-21 -- OHIO events: Schola picnic (May 18 in Chagrin Falls, OH); Cleveland area homeschool graduation (May 19); Mr. Callihan speaks at Miller graduation (May 21, in Dayton, OH).

4) June 18-22 -- Latin In A Week in Phoenix, AZ. "If you are the kind of person who would rather run up stairs than walk and you want to learn a classical language then these courses are for you.  Learning a language is hard work.  There is no getting around it.  But that doesn't mean you have to stretch it out over a year or more. Just like tackling a staircase you can choose to reduce the pain by taking it slow, or you can finish hard work in a hurry and enjoy the vista at the top all the sooner.  Get all the basics of Latin grammar under your belt in one week , with Latin In A Week."

5) July 1 -- Schola Get-together in Sacramento. Actually, a post-graduation party for my nephew, and an After Nationals Party for speech and debate members, but any Schola people in the Sacramento area are welcome.

6) July 2-6 -- Latin In A Week in Walnut Creek, CA.

7) July 13-15 -- Schola Summer Academy in Lancaster, PA. "Schola Summer Academy is designed to provide the students and tutor of Schola Classical Tutorials the opportunity to meet and get to know face to face the people they've met online during the academic year, while studying together informally some of the subjects we all love: history, literature, and the natural world." (As this is for Schola students, the description page is password-protected.)

8) July 16-20 -- Latin In A Week at Veritas Academy's annual Teacher Training Conference, Lancaster, PA. (contact Veritas for more information and to register)

9) August 3-4 --'s Classical Christian homeschooling online conference.

10) August 13-17 Latin In A Week at Our Savior Lutheran School in Houston, TX.

11) August 17 -- Houston area Schola Get-together.  Contact Tina Franklin (mamaof10sofar at yahoo dot com) for more information.

12) August 18 -- Classical Education conference, Houston, TX. "The Early Church Fathers and Christian Education." Wes Callihan will be speaking. Contact Tina Franklin (mamaof10sofar at yahoo dot com) for more information.

13) November 10 -- City State: The Tale of Four Cities Seminar on the histories of Byzantium, Alexandria, Pergamum, and Antioch, by Evan Wilson and Wes Callihan at The Big Haus in Moscow, ID.